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Following are several etiquette guidelines for addressing wedding envelopes. These guidelines were adapted from Crane's Blue Book of Stationery, edited by Steven L. Feinberg. 

  • All invited guests, members of the bridal party, parents, adult siblings and the officiant of the ceremony should receive an invitation.
  • Outer envelopes should be addressed with the guest's full name followed by their complete address (including apartment numbers). Either use their complete middle name or omit it- do not use middle initials. 

  • If using only an outer envelope, try to avoid "and Family" if you are inviting childen. Find out the name of the childen and following the guidelines below. Printing all the names on just the outer envelope could be tricky because of space restrictions. If there are children under 18 living in the house and they will be inviting a guest AND you will be using just an outer envelope, we suggest sending a separate invitation to the children. It is also acceptable to address the outer envelope with the parents names and then write all the names of those invited on the response card.
  • Street names and states should be written out completely. For example: 5487 5th St. would be written: 5487 Fifth Street. 

  • Abbreviations should not appear, except for Mr., Mrs., Dr., Ms. or Jr/Sr. 

  • The inner envelope always carries the last names only with no address: Mr. and Mrs. Smith OR Miss Smith.

  • It has become acceptable to include "and Guest" if you would like your guest to invite a friend. You may also address a separate invitation if you know their guest. 

  • Nicknames may be used on the inner envelopes, such as Grandma, Mom and Dad, Aunt Margaret, etc. if you are more comfortable with that.


Outer Envelope
Inner Envelope
Single Guests
Unmarried female or divorced female who took back maiden name.
Miss Jane Jones
Ms. Jane Jones
Miss Jones and Guest
Ms. Jones and Guest
Divorced female, kept married name (Smith)
Mrs. Jane Smith
Ms. Jane Smith
Mrs. Smith and Guest
Ms. Smith and Guest
Widowed female
Mrs. Jane Smith
Mrs. John Smith
Mrs. Smith and Guest
Don't use and Guest if
recently widowed
Child under age 18
Do not put on outer envelope.
Only list the parents.

Kaitlyn (1 child)
Kaitlyn and Johnny (2 + kids)

List by age, oldest first

Child age 18 +
should have own invitation
Miss Kaitlyn Jones
Miss Jones and Guest
Unmarried couples who do not live together
Miss Jane Jones
the only name on outer should be the person who lives at the address

Miss Jones
Mr. White

Unmarried couples who live together

Miss Jane Jones
Mr. Edward White

Miss Jones
Mr. White
Married Couples - notice the use of "and" to signify marriage in the following
Mr. and Mrs. Edward White

Mr. and Mrs. White
Jane and Ed
if you want to be informal

Married Couple - she kept maiden name
Mrs. Jane Jones
and Mr. Edward White

Mrs. Jones and Mr. White

Married Couple - she has hyphenated last name
Mrs. Jane Jones-White
and Mr. Edward White

Mrs. Jones-White and Mr. White

Married Couple - she has a professional title, he doesn't
Doctor Jane White
and Mr. Edward White
Doctor White and Mr. White
Married Couple - both are doctors
Doctor Jane White
and Doctor Ed White
The Doctors White
The Doctors White
Married Couple - both are doctors, different lastnames
Doctor Jane Jones
and Doctor Ed White
Doctor Jones and Doctor White
Same sex couples - list in alphabetical order by lastname
Mr. Fred Smith
Mr. Edward White
Mr. Smith
Mr. White
He is a commissioned officer
Colonel and Mrs. Edward White

Colonel and Mrs. White

He is a non-commissioned officer or enlisted man

Mr. and Mrs. Edward White

Mr. and Mrs. White
He is a retired commissioned officer
Colonel and Mrs. Edward White

Mr. and Mrs. White

She is a commissioned officer, he is not
Mr. and Mrs. Edward White
Captain Jane White
and Mr. Edward White

Mr. and Mrs. Jones
Captain White and Mr. White

The Honorable and Mrs.
Edward White
Judge and Mrs. White
Reverend and Mrs. Edward White
Reverend and Mrs. White


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